Web3 Engage-to-Earn Social Entertainment App & Metaverse

Empowering Users and Content Creators through decentralized social economy

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What is Engage-to-earn?

Clictik offers 4 ways to earn. Every action comes with task that you need to complete for you to eligible to earn CTIK.
Any requirement u ask? just signup and complete task!


For every Liked videos, you will be rewarded with $CTIK


Be social and Earn $CTIK


Watching will now let you earn $CTIK. Why watch from other platform when you earn nothing?

Upload & Share

Content creators no longer need to depend on sponsorships, They can get rewarded for every content they upload.

Watching Videos

Imagine earning from a simple activity such as watching funny cat videos!

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Leaving A Comment

Say something nice! Put your ideas into the world! Sometimes a few words are enough to change someone's life.

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Leave a like

Give a vote of approval! Small actions like these can motivate others create more quality content for everyone to enjoy.

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Uploading Videos

Sharing the joys of life while being able to earn is what Clictik is all about.

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District 33 Metaverse

Enter the District 33 Metaverse, where users can view profiles, watch videos, or show off their NFT collection.

Profile Picture NFTs

Obtain limited edition NFTs that give perks and benefits in app, as well as flexing rights.

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Booster Task Packages

Users can experience increased task rewards when committing their $CTIK in the app.

Clictik Ads Manager

Promote your content and products, with access to real quality users with global reach.

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Trade $CTIK Anywhere

$CTIK will be available on CEX and DEX

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Pay with $CTIK

Use $CTIK to tip, purchase items, or exchange your earned $CTIK into USDT.

Invest in the future of Web3 Social Entertainment, Today.